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Open Book

Open Book by Jessica Simpson

Narrated by: Jessica Simpson
Length: 11 hrs and 22 mins Unabridged Audiobook
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When it felt like Jessica Simpson had walked off the face of the earth hiding behind alcohol, she’s back writing her autobiography. Good gracious! If anyone’s life is worth living, it’s hers. I mean she’s managed to live through so much and come out holding her head up high. I have a much deeper appreciation for her after reading her book. I mean God loves her and so do I.

She’s in grade 8 and a cheerleader. Her boobs are a size D cup already! She was bullied by some girl saying Jessica touched her inappropriately which wasn’t true. She just took Jessica’s story about being sexually abused by her parent’s friend’s daughter. Everyone thought she was a lesbian.

She talked about her life with Nick and behind the scenes of The Newlyweds. Her love of working on the set of the Dukes of Hazards as Daisy Duke and her attraction to her co-star Johnny Knoxville. Her marriage was falling apart on the pinnacle of her career.

Whatever you are going through, the sun will come. After her marriage to Nick was over and they got a divorce, she moved into a gated community in Beverly Hills and bought a mansion of her own. She called it the Hansel and Gretel home.

She was 25 and wanted to have fun. She told her dad she would make the money she paid Nick Lachey after her divorce, back, and billions she did make. It happened that her mother noticed every time Jessica wore something, it sold out, so they embarked into the fashion business. Shoes are a big commodity. She dated John Mayer on and off again and is still writing songs and making albums. It was then she started to drink. She had nothing good to say about John Mayer lol.

Her hit song I Belong To Me released.

Then she dated an athlete, Tony Romo and wrote Come on Over and You’re My Sunday. She could make the music she wanted with the benefits of the Jessica Collection. I was just happy to see her clothing line available at Winners and that it was affordable!

She developed body dysmorphia after being humiliated with pictures of her in mom jeans (Death by Mom Jeans) even though she was a size 4 because everybody wanted to see her in daisy duke shorts forever. She’d become a punchline for weight jokes. She met Isabelle Caro who battled with anorexia and died at age 28 making the docu-series The Price of Beauty

Providence may have put the 6-ft Eric Johnson and Jessica together in 2010. Jessica always had faith in Jesus Christ and God was always there for her through thick and thin. Her drinking and her parent’s divorce. If there is anything I want to take away from listening to her story, it is her habit of writing and keeping a prayer journal. I also didn’t know that she moved into Ozzy Osbourne’s house to make room for her growing family.

I hope she can make music again whenever she’s ready. I wish her and her family all the best.

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2 thoughts on “Open Book- A Memoir by Jessica Simpson

  1. sjhigbee says:

    I knew next to nothing about this young actress, other than I’d liked her performance in The Dukes of Hazard another lifetime ago. Thank you for your informative review about her memoir. There is definitely a price to pay for fame…


  2. Wow, people are cruel. I had no idea people did that to her.


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