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Update to FraterfestRAT: I finished Pawsitively Cursed by Melissa Erin Jackson, Even Witches Get the Blues, Something Wicked by Louise Marley and a short #0.5 prequel to Rhiannon Fraters (of which Fraterfest was named just fyi) The Necromancer

Day 6: What I’m currently reading is Once Haunted, Twice Shy by H.P. Mallory. 


UPDATE October 24 – In the end I read/listened to 10 books total. My favorite is Betwixt. Least favorite is Dead After Dark

  1. Something Wicked by Louise Marley 
  2. Even Witches Get the Blues by J.D. Winters 
  3. Pawsitively Cursed by Melissa Erin Jackson 
  4. Dead After Dark The Son by J.R. Ward 
  5. Night of the Living Dead by John Russo & George A. Romero 
  6. Betwixt by Darynda Jones 
  7. Once Haunted, Twice Shy by H.P. Mallory 
  8. The Necromancer by Rhiannon Frater 
  9. The Haunting of Beatrix Greene Ep.#1 by Rachel Hawkins, Ash Parsons, and Vicky Alvear Schecter. 
  10. Déjà Dead (American in Paris Mysteries #1) by Susan Kiernan-Lewis

I plan on reading a not so scary book rather than scary and shorter than Stephen Kings IT :*


Open Book

Open Book by Jessica Simpson

Narrated by: Jessica Simpson
Length: 11 hrs and 22 mins Unabridged Audiobook
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When it felt like Jessica Simpson had walked off the face of the earth hiding behind alcohol, she’s back writing her autobiography. Good gracious! If anyone’s life is worth living, it’s hers. I mean she’s managed to live through so much and come out holding her head up high. I have a much deeper appreciation for her after reading her book. I mean God loves her and so do I.

She’s in grade 8 and a cheerleader. Her boobs are a size D cup already! She was bullied by some girl saying Jessica touched her inappropriately which wasn’t true. She just took Jessica’s story about being sexually abused by her parent’s friend’s daughter. Everyone thought she was a lesbian.

She talked about her life with Nick and behind the scenes of The Newlyweds. Her love of working on the set of the Dukes of Hazards as Daisy Duke and her attraction to her co-star Johnny Knoxville. Her marriage was falling apart on the pinnacle of her career.

Whatever you are going through, the sun will come. After her marriage to Nick was over and they got a divorce, she moved into a gated community in Beverly Hills and bought a mansion of her own. She called it the Hansel and Gretel home.

She was 25 and wanted to have fun. She told her dad she would make the money she paid Nick Lachey after her divorce, back, and billions she did make. It happened that her mother noticed every time Jessica wore something, it sold out, so they embarked into the fashion business. Shoes are a big commodity. She dated John Mayer on and off again and is still writing songs and making albums. It was then she started to drink. She had nothing good to say about John Mayer lol.

Her hit song I Belong To Me released.

Then she dated an athlete, Tony Romo and wrote Come on Over and You’re My Sunday. She could make the music she wanted with the benefits of the Jessica Collection. I was just happy to see her clothing line available at Winners and that it was affordable!

She developed body dysmorphia after being humiliated with pictures of her in mom jeans (Death by Mom Jeans) even though she was a size 4 because everybody wanted to see her in daisy duke shorts forever. She’d become a punchline for weight jokes. She met Isabelle Caro who battled with anorexia and died at age 28 making the docu-series The Price of Beauty

Providence may have put the 6-ft Eric Johnson and Jessica together in 2010. Jessica always had faith in Jesus Christ and God was always there for her through thick and thin. Her drinking and her parent’s divorce. If there is anything I want to take away from listening to her story, it is her habit of writing and keeping a prayer journal. I also didn’t know that she moved into Ozzy Osbourne’s house to make room for her growing family.

I hope she can make music again whenever she’s ready. I wish her and her family all the best.

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Desperately Wanting Wednesday OR Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Tressa at Wishful Endings, where we anticipate the books we are most excited about that are yet to be released.

The Sinner (Black Dagger Brotherhood #18)

Unabridged Audiobook
Written By: J.R. Ward
Narrated By: Jim Frangione
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Date: March 24th, 2020
Duration: 15 hours 46 minutes
Romance > Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Science Fiction & Fantasy > Paranormal

A sinner’s only hope is true love in this passionate new novel in J.R. Ward’s #1 New York Times bestselling Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

Syn has kept his side hustle as a mercenary a secret from the Black Dagger Brotherhood. When he takes another hit job, he not only crosses the path of the vampire race’s new enemy but also that of a half-breed in danger of dying during her transition. Jo Early has no idea what her true nature is, and when a mysterious man appears out of the darkness, she is torn between their erotic connection and the sense that something is very wrong.

Fate anointed Butch O’Neal as the Dhestroyer, the fulfiller of the prophecy that foresees the end of the Omega. As the war with the Lessening Society comes to a head, Butch gets an unexpected ally in Syn. But can he trust the male—or is the warrior with the bad past a deadly complication?

With time running out, Jo gets swept up in the fighting and must join with Syn and the Brotherhood against true evil. In the end, will love true prevail…or was the prophecy wrong all along?

The Jackal

(Black Dagger Brotherhood: Prison Camp #1)
by J.R. Ward
Expected publication: August 4th, 2020 by Simon & Schuster

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Sinner brings another hot adventure of true love and ultimate sacrifice in the Black Dagger Brotherhood world.
The location of the glymera’s notorious prison camp was lost after the raids. When a freak accident provides Nyx clues to where her sister may still be doing time, she becomes determined to find the secret subterranean labyrinth. Embarking on a journey under the earth, she learns a terrible truth- and meets a male who changes everything, forever.

The Jackal has been in the camp for so long, he cannot recall anything of the freedom he once knew. Trapped by circumstances out of his control, he helps Nyx because he cannot help himself. After she discovers what happened to her sister, getting her back out becomes a deadly mission for them both.

United by a passion they can’t deny, they work together on an escape plan for Nyx- even though their destiny is to be forever apart. And as the Black Dagger Brotherhood is called upon for help, and Rhage discovers he has a half-brother who’s falsely imprisoned, a devious warden plots the deaths of them all… even the Brothers.

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Desperately Wanting Wednesday OR Can’t-Wait Wednesday is hosted by Tressa at Wishful Endings, Here we anticipate the books we are most excited about that are yet to be released.

I am desperate for the final book in Julie Kagawa’s Shadow of the Fox series.


Master storyteller Julie Kagawa concludes the enthralling journey into the heart of the fantastical Empire of Iwagoto in the third book of the Shadow of the Fox trilogy. As darkness rises and chaos reigns, a fierce kitsune and her shadowy protector will face down the greatest evil of all. A captivating fantasy for fans of Sabaa Tahir, Sarah J. Maas and Marie Lu.
Night of the Dragon releases on April 2nd, 2020 by HQ Young Adult







Author Julie Kagawa


Julie Kagawa was born in Sacramento, California. At the age of nine, she and her family moved to Hawaii. She spent much of her time in the ocean when she wasn’t getting chased out of it by reef sharks, jellyfish, and the odd eel.
Her love of reading led her to pen some very dark and gruesome stories, complete with colored illustrations, to shock her hapless teachers.

Julie now lives in North Carolina with her husband, two obnoxious cats, and a pair of Australian Shepherds that have more Instagram followers than she does.

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My One Word of the Year for 2020 is:


I used a Word of the Year generator created by the talented Jennifer Fulwiler.

Love is patient among other things. Patience toward someone is the kindest thing to do and is respectful. When you have patience, you are showing that you value them and that they are important. Not only that, it shows you can think of others before yourself. It is to be selfless.

Proverbs 14:29
“Whoever is patient has great understanding, but one who is quick-tempered displays folly.”

Better to have patience then screaming anger. Also to have patience is to let things happen according to God’s/higher power/natural order. It’s not easy but it’s good practice. What follows is peace. I think. Patience will suit me just fine.

Vocabulary.com says: “Having patience means you can remain calm, even when you’ve been waiting forever or dealing with something painstakingly slow or trying to teach someone how to do something and they just don’t get it. It involves acceptance and tolerance and is usually easier to have when there’s something in it for you at the end. That could be a goal you’ve been slowly working to achieve, or just lower blood pressure.”

  • The dictionary defines patience as “the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.”
The Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted @caffeinated reviewer. It’s a chance to share what we’ve been doing over the past week and showcase books and things we have received.

👋 Hello, it’s me it’s been a while. Last year I worked mostly on reducing my back pain. I seemed to have managed it somehow, miraculously, after I fasted for 10 days on the master cleanse. I always try to do at least one cleanse throughout the year, usually around the Lenten season. I like to think I’m doing it to stay healthy and lose a little weight but gosh, I never expected it to help with back pain and arthritis! I tell myself the reason I fast is for my health because if I had to fast for my sins alone I would never be able to. I am going to hell aren’t I? Anywho, 2019 was way better than the previous year. Now, I am looking forward to 2020 which holds the promise of love, marriage and success ( yes I am being sarcastic.) If wishes were snowflakes.

In book news, I will be participating in the Epic Infernal Devices Read-along to prepare for Chain of Gold
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〉January 5th-18th, 2020 will be a RE-Read of Clockwork Angel.» My thoughts in not having an adequate understanding of it the first time.
〉January 19th-February 1st, 2020 we’ll be reading Clockwork Prince and so on up until the launch of Chain of Gold on March 3rd, 2020

I made a list of my 2020 most anticipated releases and I bought a new kindle cover, all black and I like it. I can’t take pictures of my books and things anymore. 😦 I lost my camera.

My first book of the year was Secrets of the Chocolate House by Paula Brackston. I really liked it and I got it from the library. I was able to listen to the audiobook with Scribd.

I finished watching season 1 of The Witcher on Netflix. Strong becomes Him. I also very much enjoyed Klaus over Christmas. I also watched V-Wars and I thought it was entertaining. I mean even if Ian Somerhalder isn’t a vampire, he is just as susceptible to the disease as anyone else and does a good job evading it. I like him more in Vampire Diaries tbh. He plays a doctor in V-Wars.

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The Witcher

“The witcher Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.”
– Netflix website

In The Witcher we follow three timelines. That of Geralt of Rivia, Princess Cirilla and Yennefer of Vengerberg. I would’ve preferred watching events unfold in a subsequent and linear fashion. However, I loved the characters.

Geralt of Rivia arrives in Blaviken to collect his coin for killing a kikimora monster but is actually manipulated and tricked by Stregobor. Master Stregobor is a Sorcerer who lives in hiding and wants Geralt to kill Renfri.

I like the sound of The Witcher’s deep voice and how he talks to his horse, Roach. Everybody hates Geralt but if you are smart and value your life you wouldn’t dare mess with him. He reminds me of Strider the Ranger (aka Aragorn) in The Lord of the Rings. Dark broody and mysterious.

Why does Stregobor want to kill Renfri anyway? Is it because he believes she is evil and cursed? hm. Why does Renfri want revenge? I don’t think those answers are well defined because I am not familiar with their backstory.

Geralt doesn’t agree to Stregobors demands, neither does he consent to Renfri’s request to kill Stregobor, but it comes to pass that Geralt is stoned in the marketplace and he makes a choice that he will never know if it was the right one according to Renfri’s prophecy.

The Nilfgaardian army attacks and kills Queen Calanthe of Cintra in the battle of Marnadal all the while Geralt is locked up in the gatekeep. Princess Cirilla escapes the battle but is hunted and pursued in the woods by Cahir of Nilfgaard. While on the run princess Cirilla meets an Elf and gets taken in by The Dryads of Brokilon Forrest. Destiny plays a big part in this series. Everyone keeps telling Geralt that he will meet a girl in the woods and that is his destiny! I mean what the f#*@k happens after that? Honestly, I thought Ciri the most boring timeline out of the three so far in season one.

Tissaia finds Yennefer and trains her to be a powerful mage.

Yennefer, cursed with a crooked spine, learns she has powerful magic when she accidentally portals into Aretuza and meets Istredd. She is sold to Tissaia de Vries the Rectress of Aretuza for four marks (currency) less than a pigs price and calls Yennefer piglet. I guess it’s a term of endearment. Idk but I love Yennefer!
Zelelane (Elder) incantation to lift a rock while killing a flower. Sometimes a flower is just a flower, and the best thing it can do for us is to die.

Yennefer puts herself through hell to alter her appearance to look beautiful but she risks losing her fertility. Regardless of not being able to bear children she goes in search of a cure and meets Geralt. She wants to be the most powerful sorceress and tries to trap a genie but in the process almost dies. I loved Geralt for saving her and for letting the genie go. In the heat of destruction, they are both found safe and alive. They embark on another journey to find a dragon which proves very interesting but Yennefer is intercepted again by Geralt and his beauty. He was probably under the influence of the genies wish so Nyx on love *sigh. I want Geralt and Yennefer to be together so badly.

Just an Observation

When Geralt and Jaskier are captured by Elves they are badly mistreated and almost killed if it weren’t for Torque. However, when Princess Cirilla is taken by dryads in Brokilon Forrest, she is very well cared for.


– What happened to you? Your mother fuck a goat?
– I am Torque the Sylvan, a rare and intelligent creature!
– You’re a dick! With balls!
– Balls I got from humans, who left our food filled with iron meant to poison me! Did your mother fuck a snowman?
– You are intelligent, I’ll give you that.

Friday Face-Off is a weekly meme created by Books by Proxy 
and run by Lynn’s Book Blog.

This weeks theme:

15th November –
“No thinking thing should be another thing’s property,
to be turned on and off when it is convenient.”
– a cover featuring a robot

I have chosen The Iron Giant because I don’t read many sci-fi books but I really love to watch Science Fiction movies. The Iron Giant is probably one of my favourite kid movies. If you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend it. I mean the characters are so good even the scrap metal yard owner is gorgeous IMO lol. I admit, the book doesn’t sound at all like the movie but the paperback on Amazon, is  definitely the right one.

Amazon Summary

An iron giant saves the world in this contemporary classic.

A mysterious creature stalks the land, eating barbed wire and devouring tractors and plows. The farmers are mystified—and terrified. And then they glimpse him in the night: the Iron Giant, taller than a house, with glowing headlight eyes and an insatiable taste for metal. The hungry giant must be stopped at any cost.
Only a young boy named Hogarth is brave enough to lead the Iron Giant to a safe home. And only Hogarth knows where to turn when a space-bat as big as Australia, hungry for every living thing on Earth, darkens the sky.
First published in 1968, Ted Hughes’s classic tale is a powerful tribute to peace on earth—and in all the universe. Of it Madeleine L’Engle wrote, “How grateful we should be for Ted Hughes’s brilliant The Iron Giant. It speaks to all ages, and we need its message even more now.” Philip Pullman called it “so gripping that when you begin to read it aloud, everyone stops to listen, young children and old people alike.” Whether you think of it as a science fiction fantasy or a modern fairy tale or a tall-tale parable for today, you will never forget it.

A book of the ART illustrations

Who would have thought scrap metal could be food for the iron giant? The giant is so adorable but the authorities are so afraid because ‘he’ was created as a weapon of mass destruction. Only, the boy befriends ‘him’ and he is so happy to have a giant for a friend but it’s sad because the government is trying to destroy it and ugh, they are just making their ‘Frankenstein’ retaliate and defend himself by putting millions of people in harm’s way. The boy tries so hard to keep him a secret but it’s impossible. The end was a cliffhanger and I had hoped there would be a sequel but I haven’t heard anything more about it.

I like number 4.

Which cover do you like?

I’m linking up with Stacking the Shelves,
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It is a pleasure to be participating in the #HoHoHoRAT again this year. I love this challenge because I get to read all the Holiday romance novels ❤

I have a whole bunch of hardcover books to read from the library and are piling up.
Some are for the # HoHoHo readathon and some are just intended for Novella November, but other ones… Well, I can’t wait to dig into those.
I also got a couple books on the actual CD (The Mistletoe Inn and Lair of Dreams) and two audiobook downloads (The Good Daughter and Last Breath by Karin Slaughter) from the library.

For the #HoHoHoRAT

On my NetGalley shelf

On My Kindle

Book Siren Completed

What I watched on Netflix

I watched the end of the F***ing World season 2 and Alyssa is hilarious. Also, I liked the girl who was out for revenge for killing the professor. Ha, she was awesome. Bad things continue to happen around Alyssa and James and they are either oblivious or they don’t care.

Millions Against Medical Mandates

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